As we get ready for the Olympics starting in Beijing, the games pose us a bit of a problem. A global event like this should be a gift to a news channel with an audience around the world. All those countries participating, all that action to report on. The trouble is, we can only show tiny snapshots of that action. 

The broadcasting rights are tightly restricted by the IOC, who've sold the rights to individual broadcasters in dozens of countries. Channels like BBC World News, beamed across the world, are therefore confined to showing a total of just one minute's worth of pictures within our bulletins - and even then not until after midnight of the day that the events took place.

Our answer is My Games - a live interactive TV and online show hosted by Adnan Nawaz from Beijing that taps into the views and passions of fans from all over the world, and cunningly avoids the need to show any official Olympics pictures.

Instead it's about the stories behind the events. We'll be hearing first hand from our audience on how the games are being viewed, experienced and regarded around the world. Who, for example, are Gambians, Finns, Turks and Sri Lankans cheering on and why?

Adnan presented a similar show last year with My Cricket World Cup. Once again we couldn't show any of the actual cricket but the enthusiasm and passion for the game generated a huge response from fans in the participating countries.

The Olympics, of course, is far bigger. Global excitement about dressage or archery may be more diffuse than say, the men's 100 metres, but it will be interesting to explore the world's common reference points.

To kick off our coverage, we've been asking people what three words sum up the Olympics to them. The Chinese and the IOC will be delighted that upbeat words such as peace, togetherness, glory and hope crop up across the world. And, from one disgruntled Londoner: "a waste of money".

Let the fun begin. 

bit 小片,小塊,小段 少量,一點點
 audience 聽眾,觀眾;讀者群
participate 參加,參與 分享,分擔
report on 就...提出報告
tiny  極小的;微小的
snapshots 快照  簡要印象;點滴的了解
broadcasting (電臺、電視臺的)廣播;播放
tightly 緊緊地;堅固地;牢固地
restricted 受限制的;被限定的
IOC   input-output channel 輸入/輸出通道  input-output controller 輸入/輸出控制單元
individual 個人的,個體的  特有的,獨特的
dozens of 許多
beamed 有支撐的
confined 受限制的;狹窄的 幽禁的;監禁的
total完全的,絕對的 總計的,總括的,全體的
bulletin 公報;公告 新聞快報 (醫師團對名人的)病情報告 (學會的)會報,學報,期刊
interactive (電視節目)觀眾可以利用電子設備和銀幕上呈現的節目對話的  相互作用的
taps 熄燈號
passions 熱情,激情 盛怒,忿怒
cunningly  狡猾地
Instead 作為替代  反而,卻
viewed看待;考慮;將...看成是  觀看;查看;察看
experienced 經歷;體驗 感受;遭受
regard 尊敬,尊重  把...看作,把...認為
Gambian 甘比亞人
Sri Lanka斯里蘭卡
cheer on 鼓勵
presented贈送,呈獻 引起
actual 實際的,事實上的 現實的
enthusiasm 熱心,熱情,熱忱
generate產生,發生 造成,引起
excitement 刺激;興奮,激動 令人興奮的事;刺激的因素
diffuse 傳播;散佈;普及
explore 探測;探勘;在...探險
reference提及;涉及 關係,關聯 證明;推薦;證明人,推薦人;推薦函[ 參考,參照;參考文獻;出處
kick off  開球
coverage 覆蓋,覆蓋範圍 新聞報導
sum up 計算 總結
delighted 高興的,快樂的
upbeat 令人樂觀的;歡快的
glory光榮,榮譽 可誇耀的事;可讚頌的事物
crop up 再現 
disgruntled 使不高興

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