The amount of rubbish cleared from the Brisbane River every week will be highlighted in a new exhibition for the 2008 Riverfestival program. 

The display includes 350 kites made from plastic bags and 700 plastic bottles made into costumes and artwork.

Artistic director Lyndon Terracini says the exhibition shows how much work Healthy Waterways does to keep the Brisbane River clean.  

"It's really to say, well imagine what would happen if all those bread tags ended up in the river, imagine what would happen if those 350 plastic bags weren't collected out of the river every week and imagine what the river would be like if those 700 plastic bottles weren't collected out of the river every week," he said.

The program for the 2008 Riverfestival was revealed at a public launch in Brisbane's West End last night. 

Mr Terracini says he hopes the launch will increase public involvement in the festival.

"Really it's about inviting the entire community to participate in Riverfestival and to be part of Riverfestival," he said. 

"It's a community festival and the idea is to involve people right at the beginning at the launch, so that they know exactly what's going on and the can organise what events they would like to go to and what events they would like to take their family and their children to."


artwork : 美術品;藝術品
costume : 服裝,裝束[U][C]
imagine : 想像[W][+wh-][+(that)][+v-ing][O4]
inviting : 吸引人的;誘人的
involvement : 纏繞
kite : 風箏
launch : 開始;積極投入;猛力展開[(+into)]
participate : 參加,參與[(+in)]
reveal : 展現,顯露出
showcase : 把...放在陳列櫃內;陳列
waterway : 水路;航道[C]

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