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Dear Louis,
I suggest one of the following meeting times:

  • Thanks for asking me about the classes. If your group has time, perhaps we can meet this Friday at 8:45 AM at KFC (QK doesn't open that early)in Gongguan. 

  • Friday morning at 10:30AM at QK

  • Thursday (tomorrow) evening in QK at 6:00PM

I strongly suggest we meet in the morning, since it will be quieter and it may be hard to find seats during the day or evenings.

My fee again is $600 per hour, so $900 for 1.5 hours. It doesn't matter how many students come, but no more than 5! I hope that is OK.

Feel free to suggest how you want me to help you.

If you would like more difficult material we can discuss articles posted on my blog.
We can certainly practice the IELTS questions, but I'm afraid it might not work too well with 5 people.


Let's Get 7 in IELTS

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