USAID/Indonesia is seeking applications from qualified U.S. Citizens and Third Country Nationals interested in providing the services of a Senior Economic Growth Advisor. This is a senior position within USAID/Indonesia. Under the direction of the Economic Growth Office Director, he/she will take a lead role in helping strengthen and advance USAID/Indonesia's economic growth portfolio, manage a portfolio of projects and manage and mentor Economic Growth Office staff. He/she is expected to serve as an expert in advising Government of Indonesia officials, business leaders and U.S. Government professionals in economic growth. He/she will provide significant input into the design of the Mission's next economic growth strategy (2009-2014) and related activities, development and oversight of key activities and provision of assistance across the Mission, to donors and to the Government of Indonesia.

  1. USAID United States Aid for International Development 美國國際開發援助署
  2. qualify取得資格;具備合格條件[(+as/for)]
  3. portfolio部長職;大臣職[C][U]
  4. strategy策略,計謀;對策[C][(+for)][+to-v]
  5. oversight監督;照管
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