The British Antarctic Survey is looking for a plumber at Bird Island research station off South Georgia.

While there will be no call-out charge, frozen pipes and maintaining heating in temperatures of -20C will certainly keep the successful applicant busy.

The £22,340 salary may be low by UK standards, but accommodation is provided and living costs are next to nothing, the Survey says.

In addition they will "enjoy stunning junk mail or television".

"Experience of ducted ventilation systems, conventional radiator central heating and low-pressure oil-fired boilers would be a significant advantage," it says.

According to Athena Dinar of the British Antarctic Survey - which is also looking for an electrician - the post would suit someone with a love of adventure and ready for "an opportunity of a lifetime".

"This role is for 18 months, so it would suit somebody single or who has a very understanding partner," she added.

Unloading cargo

Staff at Bird Island take turns cooking and making bread, so culinary skills would also be an advantage.

Hours can be long, especially if a ship comes in, when you could be spending 12 hours unloading cargo.

However, the philosophy is "work hard, play hard".

Pastimes can include walking, skiing, snowboarding and learning languages.

Bird Island is the smallest of five BAS research stations. It lies 500 metres off the north-west tip of South Georgia in the South Atlantic.

It is approximately 1000km south east of the Falkland Islands and is accessible only by boat or helicopter.

During the southern hemisphere's summer months it is home to a staff of 10, including scientists researching the island's seals, penguins and albatross.

The deadline for applications is Friday.

frozen 結冰,凝固
pipes 管,導管,輸送管
maintaining 維持;保持;使繼續  維修,保養
salary 薪資,薪水
accommodation 適應;調節 調和;和解.
stunning 令人暈倒的 令人震驚的
ducted 輸送管;導管
ventilation 通風;流通空氣  公開討論
conventional 普通的;常見的
radiator 暖房裝置,散熱器
boilers 鍋爐,汽鍋
significant 有意義的;重要的,重大的;值得注意的
electrician 電工;電氣技師[C]
adventure 冒險,冒險精神 冒險活動(或經歷)[激動人心的活動
Unloading 拋售 (在證券市場行情下跌時, 賣出股票以避免損失的行為)
culinary 烹飪的;廚房的
philosophy 哲學[U]

approximately 大概;近乎
hemisphere半球;半球體 半球上的國家(或居民)    (活動、知識等的)範圍,領域   大腦半球
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