Opposition groups in the Indian state of West Bengal who have been blocking construction work at a Tata Motors plant have suspended their protests.

The move came after the state government promised to return some seized land at the plant site.

Tata Motors stopped work last week on the plant where it plans to build the Nano, the world's cheapest car.

However the firm said that it was still reviewing the deal and work at the site was still suspended.

A Tata spokesperson said the company is "distressed at the limited clarity on the outcome of the discussions between the State Government of West Bengal and the representatives of the agitators in Singur".

The company said it was obliged to continue the suspension of construction and commissioning work at the Nano Plant.

"The government has taken the decision to respond to the demand of those farmers who have not received compensation," said Gopalkrishna Gandhi, the governor of West Bengal.

1.      suspend被終止的

2.      move運動

3.      spokesperson發言人

4.      representative代表,議員

5.      agitator扇動者

6.      oblige強制

7.      governor統治者

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