Avoid these common mistakes and keep your four-legged friend happy, healthy, and well-behaved

1. Buying a Pet Spontaneously

Why This Is a Mistake: That doggie in the window may be darling, but he might not be the right fit for your family or lifestyle. And a mismatch could lead to frustration and heartbreak.

2. Skipping Obedience Training

Why This Is a Mistake: Bad habits, which often develop quickly, can be difficult to train out of a pet. So unless you have the know-how to school an animal, you need the help of a professional.

3. Being Inconsistent with the Rules

Why This Is a Mistake: If one child lets Fifi on the bed and another punishes her for it, the animal is bound to be confused. Bad behavior is an inevitable result.

4. Dispensing Too Many Free Treats

Why This Is a Mistake: Treats will lose their training value if your pet gets them for no reason.

5. Neglecting to Socialize Your Pet

Why This Is a Mistake: Pets that aren’t exposed to a variety of animals and people at a very young age can develop fears and even aggressive behavior.

6. Skimping on Exercise

Why This Is a Mistake: Pets have pent-up energy that needs to be unleashed through physical activity. Otherwise it will be channeled into barking, jumping, or even hostile behavior.

7. Neglecting to Keep Your Pet Mentally Active

Why This Is a Mistake: Bored pets are more likely to get into trouble, filling their time with odd projects — like tearing toilet paper into confetti.

8. Leaving a Pet Alone for Too Long

Why This Is a Mistake: Pets, like people, don’t thrive in solitary confinement. A lack of proper companionship can lead to separation anxiety and a host of destructive behaviors.

9. Failing to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Why This Is a Mistake: A cat without a proper litter box will just use the carpet. A dog without a cozy bed will end up on the couch. Meaning, lacking their own designated spots, pets will undoubtedly turn up in yours.

10. Punishing Your Pet

Why This Is a Mistake: You might think Chewie knows you’re screaming at him because he ate the loaf of bread you left on the counter, but he won’t connect your behavior with his action.


Spontaneously ad. 自然地;自發地;不由自主地

Skipping  vt. 略過;漏掉

 Obedience n. 服從;管教

is bound to ph. 一定會()

Dispense vt. 分配,分發;施給

pent-up ph. (感情等)被壓抑的,被抑制的

unleashed vt. 解除...的束縛

hostile a. 懷敵意的;不友善的

Neglect  vt. 疏忽

Confetti n. 五彩碎紙

Solitary a. 孤獨的;寂寞的

Carpet n. 地毯

turn up ph. 出現;發生

loaf n. (一條或一塊)麵包

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