By Robert Plummer
Business reporter, BBC News

Five years ago, the US music industry prosecuted a 12-year-old girl for illegally downloading songs. But now, even toddlers are facing the wrath of record company lawyers.


Prince likes to exercise control over how his music is used

In one of the strangest copyright infringement cases to come before a judge, a mother is fighting for the right to post a video on the internet showing her young son dancing to a song by Prince.

Stephanie Lenz uploaded the 29-second clip to YouTube in February 2007, but it was removed from the site four months later after objections from Universal Music Publishing.

Ms Lenz successfully applied to have the video reinstated, kicking off a lengthy legal battle that is still playing out in the federal courts in California.

Universal's lawyers probably hoped that they could quietly remove the video from circulation. If so, they will doubtless be dismayed at just how counter-productive their efforts have been.

Publicity for the case has boosted the appeal of the clip, which has now been viewed more than 593,000 times.

1.      prosecute從事

2.      toddler學步的小孩

3.      wrath強烈的力量

4.      infringement侵害 違反

5.      upload上傳

6.      reinstated使回復

7.      lengthy冗長的

8.      federal同盟的

9.      dismayed心慌

10.  boosted提升

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