Since my last blog, I've been busy putting together a highly skilled multiplatform team in place with a diverse range of skills for the new look Panorama website, from news and feature writing, editing and shooting video, encoding content for the web, to research and film archive.

The site hasn't re-launched yet, but we're already trying different things on the current website and on You Tube where Panorama's Primark: On The Rack special had a strong presence. This week's programme How The Economy Got Personal used information from an online "Feeling the Pinch" questionnaire which was suggested by Sandy Smith who edits Panorama. We promoted it on different platforms; our website, via the Panorama email newsletter and other parts of BBC News online, local radio and Jeremy Vine's show on Radio 2. More than 8,000 of you thought it was a good idea. A big thank you to all of you who took part.

The full results of the questionnaire are up on the website. Although it's not scientific as the figures were taken from a self-selecting sample rather than an official poll which has a representative sample, it did provide us with an interesting snapshot of what 8,770 people in the UK are concerned about.

So, in that sense it was invaluable to get such a big response to a story that has been dominating the headlines all year. That's why we're keeping the questionnaire online for a bit longer so if you haven't had a chance to to fill it in, you can.

And judging by the emails we've already received it's a story that will continue to develop as people struggle to cope with increasing fuel, energy and food bills as well as a fragile property market. We're always interested in how the big stories are affecting you, so if you've got a story you think we should investigate or know about please email

diverse 不同的,互異的 多種多樣的;多變化的
Panorama 全景畫;活動畫景
feature 特徵,特色  (報紙等的)特寫,特別報導,專欄   (電影的)正片,故事片
encoding 把...譯成電碼(或密碼)
archive   n 檔案館,檔案保管處;資料庫    vt把...存檔;把...收集歸檔
re-launched  v重新開辦;再發動;再發射 n (企業的)重新開張;(報紙的)重新開辦;(商品的)重新上市
current 現時的,當前的;現行的  通用的,流行的
questionnaire (調查情況用的)問卷;(意見)調查表[C]
via 經由;取道  通過,憑藉
sample 樣品,樣本;試用品 例子,實例
poll 投票,選舉
representative 代表性的,典型的 代表的,代理的;議會制
snapshot 快照  簡要印象;點滴的了解
concerned 掛慮的,擔心的,不安的[(+about/for/over)]  關心的,感興趣的[(+about/for)][+to-v][+that]
dominating 支配,統治,控制  在...中佔主要地位
judging 審判;判決 判斷;斷定;認為
struggle 奮鬥;鬥爭 努力;使勁;掙扎 競爭;對抗
cope 競爭;對付,妥善處理[(+with)]
fragile 易碎的;脆的;易損壞的
property 財產,資產;所有物  房產,地產,房地產

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